What are Components?


When I hear the Component word, the other first word in my mind is Electronic. Why?

The Printed Circuit Board can be treated the as same as a software component. For example: A Capacitor was made for a X factory, a Transistor was made for a Y factory, theses capacitors and transistors have different purposes on the board, but for the Board it’s not necessary to know how each component was made, for the Board, it’s only necessary the function the component  achieve.

If some component presents some error, this component can be changed, providing a good maintainability. If you have to do other project using a similar Printed Circuit Board, you can use the same Capacitor or the same Transistor mentioned above. So, this way components provides a good reusability. If you need a better Capacitor than yours, you can change its configurations, increasing for example its capacitance. Therefore, Components provides a good adaptability and scalability.

Now you can imagine if anyone has made a capacitor, and when you want to do your printed circuit board, you must to do your own capacitor. How many time do you will spend?

When you have done your own component, you may utilize it others times, providing a good development time. With this reutilization some benefits come, how this component was utilized a lot of times, probably it was corrected and improved a lot of times too, becoming a stable component, robust and optimized.

Finally, we have some key words about Components:

  • Maintainability;
  • Reusability;
  • Adaptability;
  • Scalabity
  • (…)

The key words about Components has no only these, there are a lot others, I’ll try talk about it in next posts.


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