Component-Based Software Engineering – CBSE




COA: Component-Oriented Analysis

COD: Component-Oriented Design

COP: Component-Oriented Programming

COM: Component-Oriented Management

CBSE promises to accelerate software development and to reduce costs by assembling systems from prefabricated software components. CBSE covers many software engineering disciplines and different techniques, which still have not been fully defined, explained, and exploited either from theoretical or practical points of view.

In traditional software engineering, software development process consists of a sequence of activities or stages, namely, analysis, design, programming, testing, and integration. In CBSE, the main development stages become analysis, design, provision,
and assembling. That is to say, the traditional programming, testing, and integration activities are replaced in CBSE by component provision and component assembling.

Andy Ju An Wang, Kai Qian Component Oriented Programming

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